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Hallmark Gold Jewelry

Hallmark GoldGold in the purest type is not adequately long-lasting, so it needs to be mixed with an alloy to make it more durable. Pure gold refer to 24-karat gold. No jeweler/goldsmith can declare to give you 24K jewelry as it's practically not possible to craft such pure form of gold into jewelry and ornaments. So it is mandatory to mix gold with some other metal copper, silver, nickel, or zinc and then mould it into desirable designs.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Hallmarked Pure Gold But can the difference be identified? Well, its not possible at least by naked eyes. Still, there is a dependable criterion you can blindly follow before you buy halmark gold. You can look out for "Hallmark on Gold" before buying to understand the purity of the gold. So, buying hallmarked gold jewelry is the only right choice. Hallmarked gold ornament can be identified by five signs: logo of BIS, hallmarking center mark, fineness number, Jeweler's mark and, of course, year of marking. Hallmarking of Gold is infact done with the purpose to provide a standard system of analyzing pure gold to save buyers from getting scammed by fake gold sellers.

This will surely cost more than the normal gold but it ensures you about the quality. You can simply trust the gold you buy on the basis of Gold Hallmarking. Another important advantage is that you get the right amount when you opt to sell the same gold.

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